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The company and Verdicchio

The company and Verdicchio

By museosartarelli on 19 December 2017 in History

The Sartarelli company has been making Verdicchio wines since 1972 and nothing but Verdicchio is available in its catalogue.

Since the very beginning, the Sartarelli company has always wanted to underline the importance of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, one of the main products of our territory. The company has reached a high quality level and it has been rewarded by winning several prestigious national and international prizes.

It has been a precise choice of ours, because our land has been the land of Verdicchio for centuries now. Other varieties which produce very good wines also naturally grow here. But it’s Verdicchio the one which has found its perfect habitat thanks to the excellent geomorphological and geoclimatic conditions, which make it be a non-replicable wine for its organoleptic and olfactory characteristics. Verdicchio in this way is the “gold of our hills” and of the Esino valley, at the heart of the Ancona province and of the Marche Region.

The company was born in a 19th century country house but in June 2017 it opened a new building which hosts the shop and rooms for exhibitions, meetings and events, all surrounded by the rolling hills of Poggio San Marcello.

In this new structure there is an important historical tour called “In Verdicchio Veritas Museum” aiming at retracing the history of Verdicchio as well as explaining the choices made by the company. The visitor is accompanied by interesting texts and documentation regarding the territory of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, the presence of vines at roman and medieval times, the specific presence of Verdicchio at the beginning of the 16th century until its progressive growth in the 19th century and its success in the 20th century. Significant images accompany this path, which ends, of course, with a convivial moment with wine and in particular with Verdicchio.

The Truth of Verdicchio and the Truth in Verdicchio.