In Verdicchio Veritas

Verdicchio has always been at the heart of the Sartarelli production. To this extraordinary cultivar we owe our success, our passion and what the company has become today.

The idea of setting up a museum telling the story of Verdicchio was a natural choice. A museum, which would always be there to continually remind us of the importance and the value of Verdicchio. In this context we must thank the historian Prof. Riccardo Ceccarelli, whose work has been precious and fundamental in making this happen. Its realization would never have been possible without him.

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The Verdicchio Museum

The Sartarelli Museum, work of the Sartarelli family, was set up to pay tribute to the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi.
In the museum there are images, documents and curiosities telling the story of Verdicchio from its origins to its present day success.


The Sartarelli Family

The Sartarelli company is one of the few Italian wineries which focuses exclusively on a single varietal production, in this case Verdicchio.
The Sartarelli family has been dedicating itself for over 40 years with passion, competence and tenaciousness to the production of this wine of excellence, fruit of their territory where they live and they love so much.

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